Cadillac LMP-09 Vision Gran Turismo

I have designed my vision of a 2030 Cadillac LMP single seat race car, based on a lightweight conceptual idea where the wheels are separately attached to a cabin that includes a rear engine power train. The cabin itself is inspired by a B2 stealth bomber and the dynamic shape of a flying eagle. Although Cadillac has a very distinctive design language, especially through the C-pillars, I wanted to stress upon that area which resembles a landing eagle with it’s wings spread open ready to hunt its prey. The C-pillar itself acts as a spoiler assisting with down-force and improving upon breaking distance. The main power comes from a smaller 3.0L twin-turbo charged V-8 Northstar engine powering the rear wheels and two electric motors mounted in the front powering the front wheels, providing an all-wheel-drive capability to improve acceleration and cornering.

August, 2015


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